An interview with Isaac Viñales, looking for redemption in World Supersport

For 2019 season, the Supersport World Championship field has welcomed three riders coming from Moto2. While Federico Fuligni and Jules Danilo have joined respectively MV Agusta Reparto Corse and CIA Landlord Insurance Honda, Isaac Viñales has been called to represent Kallio Racing Yamaha. Last year, the Finnish squad achieved the World Championship title with Sandro Cortese.

Isaac Viñales has joined Kallio Racing after three hard seasons in Moto2 World Championship, where he scored just a number of top-10 results. Previously, the 25-year-old Spaniard had raced in Moto3 World Championship from 2012 to 2015 and there he scored four podium finishes and some more remarkable results with Calvo Team and RBA Racing. However, some issues prevented him from doing the same in Moto2. Finally, Viñales has decided to join World Supersport and so far he has collected four top-10 results out of five races, as he even finished 4th at Buriram. Last weekend, in Imola, the rider from Llança crossed the line in sixth position.

During his time in the Italian venue, Isaac Viñales was interviewed by Palmen in Motorradsport, who asked him some questions about how 2019 season started and what went wrong during his stay in Moto2. Read his answers.


The interview


Isaac, how do you like to race in World Supersport?

I really like it, to be honest. I’m happy with this change, because in Moto2 I rode uncompetitive bikes and so I couldn’t fight for the win or be in the front positions. Here, by contrast, I have a good feeling with the team, the bike and all the rest. I still need to gain more confidence with my Yamaha and with Pirelli tyres, but I’m happy with how the season has gone so far.


What do you think of the WorldSBK paddock, in comparison with the MotoGP one?

The atmosphere is much more friendly and serene. People are very sociable here, there is not as much insincerity, or “mamoneo” like we say in Spain, as in the MotoGP paddock. 


How do you evaluate the years you spent in Moto3 and Moto2, in general?

In Moto3, I had two quite positive seasons (2014 and 2015, when he also managed to score some podiums, ed) and performed some very nice races. When I stepped up to Moto2, in 2016, luck wasn’t on my side at all, since I spent the first season in a team with no chance to be in the front (Tech 3, ed). There, when it goes like this, you continue racing with the worst teams and bikes in the championship until you leave. It’s a pity, especially because I really enjoy the Moto2 riding style, but unfortunately it didn’t go as planned…

Isaac Viñales
Isaac Viñales on the podium in 2014, at Mugello, together with Romano Fenati. Credit: Getty Images.


How does it feel to be in that situation?

You beat yourself up. In Moto2, the bike-team package is more important than many people think. When you see that what you have is not enough to be in the front, you lose motivation. In the end, you take it as a job: you come to the race track, race and go home. Of course, it’s also true that when you’re in the front, you feel much more enthusiastic. When it happens, you really feel the passion for motorcycle racing. Unfortunately it didn’t go like that in Moto2, since I was in bad teams with low budget (after racing with Tech 3, he spent 2017 and 2018 with SAG and Forward Racing, ed). Now I’m in World Supersport and it’s going much, much better.


And this is proven by the results achieved so far! In conclusion, can you say your goal for 2019 season?

I would like to finish in the top-5 of championship standings (he currently lays in 8th position, ed), but I especially want to get the maximum feeling with this bike and these tyres and to score as many podiums as I can.


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