An interview with Barry Baltus, Moto3 World Championship rookie

Barry Baltus
Barry. Credit: Fritz Glaenzel


After a long break due to the lockdown, it’s more and more likely that MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 World Championships will return racing in July, in Jerez de la Frontera. Riders are looking forward to hit the track again and among them, there’s a young Belgian for whom the first race will be special, as he will make his debut in Moto3 World Championship after missing Qatar GP (since he hadn’t turned 16 yet). His name is Barry Baltus.

Baltus has stepped up to Moto3 World Championship thanks to carXpert PrüstelGP team and aims to prove that he can be competitive also at the highest level of racing, after the great results scored in the past few years. In 2019, in particular, the rider from Warêt-l’Evêque shone bright in Moto3 Junior World Championship, where he ranked fourth in the final standings and scored one victory and three more podium finishes. Besides that, he achieved a couple of podiums in Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. Previously, he scored wins and podiums in Spanish Moto4 and PreMoto3 series, from 2014 to 2017.

Palmen in Motorradsport had the chance to interview Barry Baltus to know more about him, how he’s dealing with the current situation and more.



First of all, how are you? What have you been doing since when the lockdown started?

I am really good and I feel very fit. I´ve kept training for all these months and luckily I was able to ride at my private track at home.


PrüstelGP Barry Baltus
Barry (rider on the right) and the whole carXpert PrüstelGP team. Credit: Ronny Lekl


You couldn’t race in Qatar, but you were there with PrüstelGP team anyway. How was the experience?

I am really impressed by the team, it was a great experience even if I couldn´t ride the bike. And it was the first time I was able to watch the other riders on track from the service road, which made me learn a lot.


Did you have any particular problem in your way home?

It was the beginning of the lockdown, I was lucky to come back home in time. If I had to come back the week later, it would have been much more complicated…Maybe I would be still in Qatar ahahaha


Could you tell about how your collaboration with PrüstelGP started?

We met last year at the GP in Aragon and I immediately felt like it was a great chance and the right decision.


Could you talk about 2019 season in Moto3 JWC? Which was your best race, in your opinion?

I did a great season, one of the best in my career. My best race was probably the one in Estoril, where I got my first victory in the championship.


Barry Baltus
Estoril 2019. Credit: Aspar Team


Since when you started racing at a higher and higher level, how has your life changed?

I have learnt a lot, especially on how to be fully focused on a goal and how to structure the work on the race track together with my team.


How have you balanced your life as a rider and school so far? 

I am still taking classes and until now, it has worked perfectly.


Can you tell about the start of your racing career?

When I was really young, my father promised me a bike if I was able to ride my bicycle without the training wheels for children. That´s how I started. Then, I continued my career in Spain and here we are…


Have you ever experienced very difficult times in your career?

Yes. Of course it´s not always easy, but I always try to be positive also in bad times.


In conclusion, is there anyone you wanna give thanks to, for being where you are now?

The people that I want to thank are my parents, my manager and all the people that work with me everyday.


Palmen in Motorradsport is grateful to Barry Baltus and carXpert PrüstelGP team for the opportunity and wishes them the best for their return to the racetrack.